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Cycling from Delft (NL) to Mariembourg (B)

July 2004
A few days of cycling on our plywood recumbents in The Netherlands & Belgium.
Who can identify the kind of animal which ran almost through my tent in the middle of the night?

The first day we cycled about 70 km to get to Paddy's house. The weather was terrible, strong rain and heavy thunderstorms.
Four plywood recumbents in Paddy's garden... The one in the front is the oldest. The three other are second generation recumbents which we built during our Plywood Recumbent Building workshop 2003.
Paddy, Lotte and Olivia accompanied us for one day on their recumbent tandem with baby trailer.
We took the ferry to Brakel across the river Waal.
This ferry took us from Aalst to Veen. The river is called Afgedamde Maas.
View from the ferry. The village is called Veen.
Camping in an open spot in the forest.
Sneaking out of the forest...
Pushing the bike back to the road.
We asked for some water in this fuel station in Baarle-Nassau (NL), or maybe it was Baarle-Hertog (B). Because Baarle-Hertog is a Belgian enclave, consisting of about 20 small enclaves, it's not so obvious if a building is Dutch or Belgian.
Taking a rest in Leuven (B).
City centre of Leuven.
The overly decorated city hall in Leuven.
In the middle of the night we were waken up by a loud noise. A fraction of a second later something hit the tent. Something hard touched my knee. A few seconds later it was silent again. I expected this would be the end of my tent, but when I switched on my head lamp the damage inside the tent turned out not to be as bad as I expected. What happened? We didn't know. Would it happen again? Maybe. I couldn't catch sleep anymore until it started to get light.
Most fields in the area where we camped were cornfields. We didn't want to damage them so we chose this small piece of forest.
Here you can see the hole in the outer tent. The animal left a muddy print on the tent. I suppose it was a wild pig.
This is the footprint left by the animal.
Dinant is a very touristic town. It is the birth town of Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the saxophone.
Camping near the village of Waulsort.
Steam locomotive in Mariembourg.